Dream book

SENSO© PILLOW - if you dream about Senso© pillow, it means that you have a need for a comfort, relaxation, simplicity, and / or luxury. Sometimes the desire to just be lazy.


SENSO© FOAM - if you dream about Senso© foam, it means that you can expect a great pleasure and something nice.


SENSO© MATTRESS  - if you dream about lying on a comfortable, soft Senso© mattress it means that you need a quality rest, and if there is a person of the opposite sex beside you, you will have to pay attention to your behaviour!


SENSO© FOAM - if in your dream you are searching  for Senso© foams - you will receive an inheritance.


SENSO© DREAM - if in your Senso© dream  you dream about sleeping in the bed - happiness and prosperity is ahead of you. Dreaming about sleeping  under the open sky means that you will go on a long journey.

Find out some interesting information about dreams from A to Z ...


A - If your dreams are Absurd and not funny, feel free to forget them.

B - Before you start to worry because you dream of your ex-partner, relax and stop worrying- it is quite normal. Women often dream about current partner while men dream about ex-partners even when they don’t have any feelings toward them.

C - Careful dolphins- even when they sleep one half of dolphins’ brain are actively alert.

D - 12% of people always and without exceptions dream black and white Dreams

E - Experimenting with lucid dreams? People are able to train lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams can be exciting, pleasant and intense. However, people who cannot distinguish dreams from reality should not practice it as such dreams can have far-reaching consequences.

F - Frederik Willem van Eeden, Dutch psychiatrist and writer, first introduced the term „lucid dream“. In his opinion, the person who dreams lucid dreams if fully aware of the dream and can establish certain degree of control over their actions in the dream.

G - If your dreams make you Grieve, upset you or make you feel anxious, do not worry or engage in their meaning.

H - Have fun and enjoy your dreams!

I - Ideal temperature for good quality sleep is between 16 C⁰ and 18 C⁰.

J - What a Joy! During our lifetime we spend almost six years dreaming, which is about 2.100 days of dreams.

K - During the Roman Empire when someone dreamt important or unusual dreams, the Senate itself analyzed and interpreted the dreams trying to find hidden Knowledge or message.

L - Sweet dreams are sign of a good health, complete absence of dreams can signify a Lack of proteins or a personality disorder.

M - Men more often dream about other men, while women dream equally about men and about women.

N - Scientific studies confirm that brainwaves created by Neuron activity in our brains, are much more active during sleep than when awake.

O - People who have quit smoking have longer and more intense dreams Overnight.

P - Five minutes after waking up we forget half of the dream, and after only ten minutes 90% of the dream memory Permanently Perishes. 

R - Reasons to various dreams in which you fly can be different, some of them are your sense of liberation from worries, also your desire to move away from everyday worries and focus on higher thoughts, spirituality and absorbing new life energy.

S - Summon up your dreams! We all dream, if you do not remember your dreams it does not mean that you are not dreaming.

T - On average, during the night women Truly need one hour of sleep more than men.

U - Snoring is Unhealthy. If you snore, you cannot dream!

V - Your children have Vicious nightmares, it is perfectly normal. Most often they occur around third year and last until the seventh - eighth year of life.

- You forget your obligations, feel preoccupied during the day, and walk around as a Zombie? Try taking 6 minutes long nap! Research showed that daily rest of just six minutes long nap has a positive effect on our memory.

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