Senso quality and warranty

The Caltex Co. is primarily focused on high-quality products and customer satisfaction. In order to meet all of the top standards, we are constantly working on educating our staff, renewing facilities, introducing innovative technological solutions and monitoring the world’s leading trends. At the same time we pay attention to the environmental protection and the employee safety. Product quality and organization of the company Caltex are in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Continuous quality control of the product production and excellent results of many internationally relevant product quality tests are proof that Senso© products provide superior quality and comfort. The warranty for the product core as well as the product case is given for each SENSO© product.


  1. Senso© Visco memory foam products should not be washed or exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  2. Senso© Visco memory foam products should be aired periodically and avoid storage in humidity environments.
  3. Do not jump on the mattress or pillow.
  4. To keep the product clean, we recommend use of protective mattress overlay.
  5. Roll the topper before transporting; do not bend it in half to avoid breaking of the product.
  6. After buying Senso© Visco memory foam mattress or topper leave it on room temperature for 1-2 hours so it can adjust to room temperature. Unpack the mattress. Depending on the room temperature it will take 1-2 days for the mattress or topper to regain its full form. At higher room temperature mattress will quicker regain its full form. Senso© Visco memory foam, especially high density foam, will react to low temperatures with hardening and downsizing. Memory foam topper can downsize up to 10 cm at low temperature. When warmed mattress or topper will relax and soften, returning into its full form.

NOTE: The base of the bed (the section where mattress is inserted) must not be closed, it should have the laths in the bottom (if possible, holes on the sides), but not closed as it will cause mould appearance due to lack of air flow.

ATTENTION: Please read the maintenance instructions! If you follow the maintenance instructions, Senso© mattress or pillow will keep its durability. The mattress and pillow case can be removed and washed by hand or machine at 30C. Although memory foam will not lose its properties even after many years of correct usage it will eventually turn yellow and lose up to a 2 cm in thickness. In case of misuse or failure to follow these instructions, your complaint will not be taken into consideration.

The warranty covers the manufacturing fault, change of the structure of memory foam due to a decrease in the thickness of more than 2 cm. Common changes of the memory foam which create the impression that the material is softened, color change, reducing the thickness up to 2 cm, as well as physical damage caused by improper use and maintenance of the product, are not covered by the warranty!