Best offer

Best SENSO© offer by the end of 2014 .

By purchasing the mattress of high-resillience (HR) foam - SENSO© PILLOW FILLED WITH FLAKES  FOR FREE/GRATIS.

By purchasing the memory foam mattress - SENSO© HOME PILLOW FREE.

For the every purchased mattress made of high-resillience (HR) foam we give you our comfortable SENSO© pillow filled with flakes of high-resillience (HR) foam of 40x60cm size.

For the every purchased mattress made of SENSO© Visco memory foam we give you SENSO© Home pillow, filled with mixed flakes of memory foam, 40x60cm size.

Best offer can be achieved by direct purchasing  in our Senso salon, Brnjaci bb, Kiseljak.


SENSO© for a good nights sleep and a good days work.