The company Caltex Ltd. is a successful company from Kresevo, owned by family Čalaga operating since 1986. With wide horizons and readiness for new challenges, in 1996 the company has expanded and improved its operations and started the production and processing of sponge/foam and top quality mattresses and pillows. While following the requirements of the market, the product range is constantly expanding, and in the meantime the production of special types of foam called Senso © thermoactive memory foam high density (HD - high density) is introduced. Today, Caltex is led by young, professional people, Jelena Čalaga Tolo and Mario Tolo, with the help of all family members and employees/associates. Thanks to the hard work and the desire to make a good and distinctive business, Caltex has managed to bring the manufacture plant on a remarkable level, and with the help of creative and educated people innovative technologies were introduced that cannot be found in any other similar facility. The results of this initiative are exceptional quality of all our products and the satisfaction of many users on both the domestic and foreign markets. Following these successes, company developed its own brand SENSO© and SENSO SAN Ltd. for the product sale and distribution. All of these qualities were recognized by the world famous company BAUERFEIND, who chose Caltex for its exclusive manufacturer and supplier of LAVANDON brand products, which are mainly intended for medical rehabilitation.

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