Trademark of Caltex
Pillows and mattresses with the trademark of SENSO© with a star are synonym for superior quality, comfort, good sleep. By developing its own product brand, the basic principle in the Caltex Company was to educate its own staff and provide new facilities for production of SENSO© mattresses and pillows, while monitoring the world’s leading trends, in order to enable the ultimate comfort, quality, and good sleep for a good life to all our customers.
A lot of things are being said about the importance of good sleep and rest, but must not be forgotten that quality sleep and good rest are essential for the normal functioning and work. The mere fact that we spend one third of our life in bed, leads to the conclusion that a good mattress and pillow is absolutely essential to our health, quality of sleep and the quality of life. To make you and your guests feel enthusiastic throughout the day, and be productive and full of energy, SENSO© mattresses and pillows are definitely the ideal choice and a smart investment.