Senso memory foams

For levitating and sweet dreaming.

SENSO© Visco thermo-active memory foam (50kg/m³)

It is made from polyurethane with additional features that gives it possibility to adapt and mould to the weight and shape of the human body. SENSO©  Visco memory foam is a thermo-active foam that reacts to temperature and pressure, meaning that at lower temperatures it becomes harder or softer at higher temperatures,  molding  itself, “memorizing“ the shape, and then returning to its original position, thus distributing the weight and minimizing pressure to a spine. It is often called therapeutic for its medical use in the prevention of pressure ulcers as well as it is recommended for people who have problems with allergies. Sleeping on a SENSO© Visco memory foam mattress most resembles sleeping on the cloud due to the minimal pressure to the spine and body, which ensures complete comfort and a good night rest.